Restaurant Hazama is the very expression of the renowned "Kaiseki"* japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki cuisine represents the traditional japanese meal, made of several tasting dishes. The word kaiseki also refers to the skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals, comparable to western "haute cuisine".

Hazama is the family name of the head Chef, whose meaning may translate as "the space among structures". In his family name is to be found the very fusion of Chef Hazama Satoshi with the western culture in a continuous quest for cross-border communication. With his inventiveness, both cultures come closer to each other, maintaining either one's distinctiveness yet melting unto a common goal: offering the pleasure of traditional japanese cuisine through the seasonality of local products and the freshness of Mediterranean Sea catch.

Logo and colour

The logo represents the "Kamon", or Coat of Arms, of the Hazama family and depicts the "Sagari-fuji", also kwown as Wisteria Floribunda, a plant widely regarded as fortune-bearing, thanks to its splendor and longevity. It represented the Heian-period glorious clan of the Fujiwara's, too.
The intense blue Indigo colour is also known as "Koki-hanada Aizome", a japanese purplish version obtained by a plant called "Tade" (literally the "water pepper plant).